Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Med Auto Group we specialize solely on salvage title vehicles. We only obtain cars with very small body/cosmetic damage such as fender benders, front/rear bumper benders, or suspension damage. We do so because these kinds of repairs are quick, easy and safe for our customers.
Yes, we obtain photos of how the car was purchased before beginning repair. This is done to ensure proof of said damage to our customers and to showcase full transparency and trust.
Yes, absolutely! We understand purchasing a vehicle is an important investment, especially when it comes to salvage titles. You can make an appointment with any mechanic of your choice or bring him here to our shop to conduct a full thorough inspection.
Yes, we offer a couple options for warranty. Please contact us to obtain more information about this.
Med Auto Group focuses on delivering top quality vehicles that are safe, secured, and trusted! We follow a stringent inspection of every vehicle before it gets put for sale on the market. This inspection includes a 151 point inspection or a full vehicle computer diagnostic. These tests will conduct a thorough examination of the vehicle to ensure full restoration has been completed. If the car does not pass at least 1 test, we will not advertise until it fulfills inspection requirements and it is safe to drive.
The majority of the time, the vehicles we purchase do not have airbag deployment. In the rare cases that do, we purchase brand new original airbags and fully disclose this information to our customers.
Yes. We have our own in-house financing program that can help set up a plan that best suits your needs! Our requirement is usually 50% down and finance the rest. If it seems high for you, let us know your situation and we can work something out.
Yes, if the car you seek is not in our inventory, you can submit a request form. The request form will include the year, color, make, model, etc. Once we receive the request form, we will contact you for further information.
No, unfortunately we do not accept trade ins.
When purchasing a vehicle from Med Auto Group, you have to pay what is DMV fees to register the car under your name and taxes. Tax percentage is dependent on county you live in; each county has a different tax rate percentage. These fees and taxes are non-negotiable and are obligatory payments for purchasing a vehicle.
No, we specialize in full spectrum automotive body repair & vehicle diagnostics only. Although, we are more then welcome to refer some companies we work with for mechanical work. If you are interested, please message us.
Each estimate varies depending on the vehicles accident. We’ll have to conduct a thorough inspection before giving a quote. The best thing to do is contact or visit us for a free estimate.
We have been servicing the Long Beach area and all of our customers since 1996. That’s 26 years of experience in the automotive industry specializing in salvage title vehicles!
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